• 4 Hour Phone Response
  • 2-3 Day Emergency Response
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Installations
  • Bench Repairs
  • Training
  • Data System Upgrades for “Obsolete” Equipment
  • Cross-Brand, Full System Service
  • Over 20 Years’ Experience

Can’t afford a year-round service contract, but want to have the same response time as if you did? Purchase a TTI OnRetainer package. These are pre-paid hours of service at a discounted rate.

Much like prepaid minutes on a cellphone, you can top off your OnRetainer package whenever is convenient for you, rather than paying a lump sum for a Contract. The reason to use OnRetainer over our billable service is two-fold: First, you get the same response time from us as a contract customer, second you get a $15-$35 per hour discount over billable rates.

As with all our services for lab repair and maintenance, Terra Technologies remains one of the premiere multi-vendor service companies. If you have an Agilent GC but another brand of autosampler, we can service you without pointing fingers and forcing you to call another company for each brand. Avoid the run-around, reduce your downtime and get peace of mind with our OnRetainer service packages.

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