Upgrade the “Obsolete”

Running an ancient system on an even older database? You don’t have to throw away your equipment! We can upgrade your old computers to new ones running Windows 2000 or Windows XP by using special motherboards that are still backwards compatible with your older “obsolete” programs.

Your Old Equipment
Isn’t As “Obsolete” As They Claim…

Manufacturers may tell you’re your equipment is nothing more than an expensive paperweight, but you don’t have to buy it!

Terra Technologies specializes in repairing, maintaining and upgrading a wide variety of “obsolete” old equipment such as the 5970, 5971, 5972 or 5973 mass spectrometers, the 7673 Autosamplers, or even the Agilent 5890 and 6890 gas chromatographs. Don’t see your “obsolete” equipment on this list? We repair many other models and brands – just ask!

Our upgrades prolong the life or your equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Make your lab more durable and cost efficient with our many services. Ask us how we can maximize your equipment’s performance with a quick call to 1-877-891-1088.

We offer:

  • Board Level Repairs
  • Vacuum Systems Rebuilt In-House (Mechanical, Diffusion, Turbo Pumps)
  • Upgrade to Inert Sources for Added Sensitivity & Easier Cleaning
  • Upgrade to High Performance Metal Quads For Enhanced Sensitivity & Durability
  • Upgrade old Windows Platforms to Windows 2000 Data System
  • Upgrade old computers to new ones that can still run Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • Easy Billable Service
  • Contracts Available
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance Validations
  • And More!

We can upgrade and service:

  • Agilent 5890 GC
  • Agilent 6890 GC
  • Agilent 5970 MS
  • Agilent 5971 MS
  • Agilent 5972 MS
  • Agilent 5973A MS
  • Agilent 7673B Autosampler
  • Agilent 7673C Autosampler
  • Integrators
  • And More!

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