Have you been running a 5890 GC, 5970, 5971 or 5972 MS from Agilent on an old Windows 2000 computer? Is that computer on its last legs, ready to fail or fall to another blue screen of death at any moment? We have great news for you!

You don’t have to throw away your old, dependable lab equipment just because your computer is getting too old and unreliable. Most vendors and repair companies will tell you these gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers are obsolete because newer computers can’t run the older Chemstation software, such as versions G1701AA or G1701BA.

We at Terra Techbologies can upgrade you to a Windows XP computer without losing compatibility with your older Chemstation software! While finding a new computer with the correct ISA slots to support 5970, 5971 and 5972 mass spectrometers might be difficult, we carry a supply of the rare compatible boards. That means we can take your G1701AA, G1701BA Chemstation licenses and install them on a new, reliable computer that will keep your older “obsolete” equipment running.

Don’t throw away perfectly good equipment, call us for a data system upgrade today at 1-877-891-1088.

If you have another type of computer software you need upgraded to a newer computer system, call us to see if we service it. In most cases we can help with a variety of “obsoleted” equipment issues.

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