• Professional Lab Movers
  • Highly Trained Techs On-Site
  • Faster Activation
  • Immediate Troubleshooting

A professional mover jostles your GC and now it won’t turn on, what do you do?

If relocation is on this year’s agenda, the last thing you want to deal with is broken lab equipment due to careless package handlers. Your equipment needs to be treated with the respect they deserve and need.

The same experienced technicians that repair and maintain thousands of instruments every year will come to your lab, package, move and reinstall your systems at your new location. Instruments, cables and any moving parts are properly secured and labeled. Once relocated, TTI technicians set up each system and perform post-move re-certification.

In short: once you call us, you can rest easy about your move!

Operational qualification is run on each instrument to ensure it is still within compliance. Every qualification is documented for a peace of mind you can’t find with any standard moving company.

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