Your main operator has left and the new staff don’t know how to do anything by push a button. If they are unable to make the software work outside of basic parameters, autotune, handle basic troubleshooting or otherwise don’t know how to use your operational software, we can help.

When a new regulation or new test becomes mandatory, you’re stuck with no one able to adapt or develop a new method that will fulfill the purpose.

Our two-day course is customized to your specific operating systems for gas chromatographs (GC), mass spectrometers (MS), high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC) , auto samplers and more.

Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) charge over $10,000 for only the most basic of training and don’t fully give you a final method by the end of training. That leaves you to sink or swim without any additional help!

Instead, expert TTI Technicians will arrive on-scene and walk you through every step, answering questions and leaving you with a final product that you can use, along with the knowledge that empowers you and your fellow operators to adapt to future changes.

We can also adapt previous methods, helping you find a good curve, shorten your run time, show you how to input the data and how to prove it works through Continued Calibration Verification (CCV).

We can cover:

Your Gas Chromatograph Method: In which we teach you how to separate your compounds properly by varying the ramp and hold times as well as the start and end times for temperatures. We will cover which columns will work best for your needs as well as which methods work best with your specific compounds.

Proper Acquisition: We show how to integrate your peaks, calculate the area against your curve to determine the concentration of a compound

Library Use: How to input the compound ratio of ions, match and then identify the compound.

Valid Report Generation: How to generate a proper useful report and validate it for official use.


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