Looking for low-cost, cheap replacement parts for your lab equipment? These days parts are growing more expensive and difficult to come by. Repairing your instruments shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. We’ve noticed this problem too. That’s why we’ve created SmartParts.

SmartParts is a growing collection of quality parts for gas spectrometers (GC), mass spectrometers (MS), auto samplers, HPLCs and other expensive lab equipment. Our stock is expanding every day and can vary from the typical list below, so if you can’t find the part you’re looking for, contact us at 1-877-891-1088. If we don’t have the part for a lower cost than original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Varian, Agilent, Tekmar and OI Analytical, we’ll help you find another source!

This is an excellent alternative to pricey replacements, costing a fraction of the OEM prices. Please call us for a free estimate at 1-877-891-1088.

Smart Parts also provides Turbo Pump Repair Kits

Avoid downtime caused by simple bearing failures. TTI offers specially designed manuals and parts for easy bearing and seal replacements. Avoid the hassle of having to send your broken turbo pump in for repair by using these easy maintenance and repair kits. We take pride in offering the perfect parts engineered to high standards by working with leading manufacturers of turbo pumps.

A quick call to Terra Technologies, Inc and your repair kit is on its way!

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