Save Money on Analytical Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Do you need to save money on your analytical equipment repair and maintenance costs? Look no further than Terra Technologies! We are a leading provider of analytical equipment repair services, and we offer a variety of solutions to help you save money.

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budget savers

A simple, inexpensive solution to catching issues before they become late night emergency calls and days of downtime.

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Want the on-call response time of a contract where you only pay what you actually use and need? OnRetainer is your hybrid solution between billable and full service contracts.

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Transfer your ancient lab software to a up-to-date computer system running the latest operating system – without losing compatibility or having to buy all new analytical equipment.

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As specialists in keeping ‘obsolete’ equipment running at peak efficiency, we also often renovate and re-sell these fantastic models for a fraction of the cost of new, all while working on current operating systems.

Call (502) 368-5005 to inquire about any specific hardware your lab requires.

Because we work on equipment that often overcharges for their parts to discourage third-party repair, we have partnered with analytical experts to bring a vast inventory of cost-effective parts solutions.

Call (502) 368-5005 to inquire about an specific parts your lab requires.